high risk processing


High risk ach specializes in ach and e-check processing for businesses of all sizes and of all industries. Merchants have the ability to process transactions in their preferred method in a quick and efficient manner. We will help to streamline your electronic payment processing while saving your company time and money. Our processing solutions start at $.25 per transaction with 0% discount fee for low risk businesses.

Payment solutions are available for companies operating in; retail, ecommerce, non-profits and more.

high risk e-check processing

businesses with Higher Returns approved

All merchants in any high risk industry should have ach or e-check processing in addition to their normal credit card processing services. EFT (electronic funds transfer) processing costs are usually 25-50% less than normal credit card processing rates.

Merchants will also benefit from the decrease in chargebacks. Check processing is more difficult to chargeback when compared to the ease of customers to initiate chargebacks on their credit or debit card.

high risk ach processing

fast approval and low processing costs

Low risk accounts are usually approved within 24 hours while high risk accounts are approved within 72 hours regularly however in some instances with complicated business structures it may take as long as 2 weeks.

High risk ach guarantees that merchants will receive the highest standard of service for all of their processing needs. Apply online and one of our helpful account representatives will contact you back to evaluate your business' processing needs.